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Check out all these fabulous fabrics! Availability varies but these are just some of the fabrics we have used in the past and have in stock for current purchases. Find out what we've got by swiping through the photos on your chosen garment type.


 They are sorted by type of fabric and will be suitable for different garment styles, yet I like a challenge, so I may be able to adapt the pattern for you. Get in touch with any creative ideas and I can try and make something special for you.  


The jersey fabrics that I use are 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane unless otherwise indicated. They are suitable for leggings, rompers, shorts & tees and tunic dress.

100% Cotton

These fabrics are suitable for dungarees, the flounce dress, party dress, shirts and sunhats

Sweatshirt and french terry

These fabrics are most suitable for jumpers, and rompers. The inside surface is soft and snuggly!

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