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Size Guide
Measuring Guidance

NB. Please take all your measurements in cm, and ask your little ones to stand as still as possible to get this as accurate as you can!

Chest: Measure the horizontal circumference around the body, under the arms and around the fullest part of the chest (when they do a big breath to make sure enough room!) including the lowest portion of the shoulder blades.

Waist: Measure the minimum horizontal circumference around the body at waist height (the middle bit).

Height: Measure the distance from the top of the head to the soles of the feet along the back of your child without shoes (make sure they’re not on their tip toes).

Head circumference: Measure from the middle of the forehead to the farthest point of the rear of the head and back to the forehead keeping the tape measure above the ears. If you’ve got big hair try to not flatten it too much to make sure the hat sits right for you!

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